Works on railway to Ede-Wageningen in August

Travel to and from the railway station of Ede-Wageningen will be somewhat hindered for two weeks. Starting on the night of Friday 10 August throughout Sunday 26 August, the NS will be employing buses between Utrecht Central Station and Ede-Wageningen due to maintenance works.
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No trains to Wageningen between 7 and 31 August. Photo Shutterstock

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Buses will also be employed between Utrecht Central Station and Rhenen. The trains running between Ede-Wageningen and Nijmegen will do so following a modified timetable. NS spokesperson Anita Boonstra: ‘Expect an additional travel time between 15 and 30 minutes, and plan your journey using the NS Travel Planner. This planner also takes bus travel into account.’

Driebergen-Zeist and Veenendaal

During the maintenance works, two hundred people will be working on the station area night and day, says ProRail spokesperson Mercedes Grootscholten. ‘Parts of the station will be demolished, a track will be replaced, new tracks will be built, and more.’ Basically, the entire station will be replaced, as shown by the plans (website in Dutch only). The railway near Veenendaal will also see some works: two tunnels (website in Dutch only) are being built beneath the tracks. ‘The goal of these projects is to allow for more traffic between Utrecht and Nijmegen’, explains Grootscholten.

This is what one of the tunnels in Veenendaal will look like. © ProRail


The maintenance works will coincide with the Annual Introduction Days (AID). About 95% of the new students will participate in this introduction between 17 and 22 August. The organisers of the AID recommend participants to spend the nights in Wageningen. Sleeping spots can be found with associations, mentors and fellow group members, but also through Facebook pages such as Wageningen Student Plaza.

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