Teacher Talks: ‘Education really satisfies me’ (video)

In the run-up to the award ceremony of the education prize, five laureates of the Teacher of the Year Award tell about their life as lecturers. Today, they reveal whether there are moments they regret working in education.
Linda van der Nat,Marijn Flipse

In this third video, Dolf Weijers (Biochemistry), Jessica Duncan (Rural Sociology), Roel Dijksma (Hydrology and Quantitative Water Management), Gert Peek (Soil Geography and Landscape) and Jan den Ouden (Forest Ecology and Forest Management) speak of the days they would rather not be teaching.

When students pay more attention to their mobile phones than to her, Jessica Duncan sometimes thinks: ‘Why am I putting so much of my heart and energy into education, if I could be doing research in the field?’ Dolf Weijers loves his job but does feel the pressure is increasing. ‘We have to start teaching some courses twice, once in English, once in Dutch. It’s taking a lot of the fun out of the teaching.’

Curious about what else the lecturers have to say? Don’t wait and watch the video.

Teacher Talks

The Teacher of the Year Award 2018 will be awarded on 24 April. The nominees are Arie Terlouw, Henry van den Brand, Jessica Duncan, John Beijer and Fred de Boer.

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