Teachers of the Year provide a glimpse into education (video)

In the run-up to the award ceremony of the education prize, five laureates of the Teacher of the Year Award tell about their life as lecturers.

In this first video, Dolf Weijers (Biochemistry), Jessica Duncan (Rural Sociology), Roel Dijksma (Hydrology and Quantitative Water Management), Gert Peek (Soil Geography and Landscape) and Jan den Ouden (Forest Ecology and Forest Management) tell about what the award has meant for them. Peek already won the prize twice during his career; Duncan had just started working when she was awarded the prize.

All lecturers agree on one thing: the Teacher of the Year Award changed their life. Weijers became much more aware of the way in which he teachers, and Peek felt like a celebrity due to all the attention.

Are you curious about what the popular lecturers said? Watch the video below.

Teacher Talks

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