‘It’s nice to see students everywhere’

New students are currently discovering Wageningen during the Annual Introduction Days. Who are they and where do they come from? Bernice Müller is from the neighbouring country Germany and she had expected Wageningen to be much like home. It turns out there are quite some differences. Nice differences.
Madhura Rao

© Madhura Rao

Bernice, a Master’s student of International Development Studies, is glad to have chosen this ‘young town’ to be her home for the next two years. She explains that she is pleasantly surprised to see how typically Dutch Wageningen is. From the houses to the people walking on the streets, she is very amused with the little town. ‘It’s very nice indeed to see many students everywhere’, she says.

Too much fun

When asked about what she thinks of her AID group, she glances over at the group of six girls standing behind us, waiting for her to join them back. ‘I’m getting along quite well with the group I think’, she exclaims. She goes on to explain that at the moment, the group is smaller than it actually is because they had way too much fun at the party last night and some of the members will be joining them later – once they recover.

I’m just really happy to finally be here!

Housing difficulties

Speaking of accommodation, she says that she found it quite challenging to find a place to live here. ‘Since the allotment is on “first come first serve” basis, I had to wake up every day at three in the morning to apply to new rooms. It was quite difficult’, she says. She finally found a house through the Facebook group and is quite content with her new home in Haarweg.

Politics and governance

Bernice chose WUR because she thought the specialisations offered were very interesting. The courses suit her aspirations to study Development Studies from the point of view of politics and governance perfectly well. ‘I’m just really happy to finally be here!’

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