Blog: An empty campus

‘The pool is closed to students for the break’, she said smiling as my irrepressible angry face stared at her. It wasn’t her fault. Of course I know that. But still.
Leonardo Medina Santa Cruz

I got there right at opening time, 7:30 sharp, as usual. Handed in my WUR card for it to get scanned, as usual. Expected to put on my swimming suit and completely submerge myself in the cool waters of Zwembad de Bongerd for a morning swim, forgetting all about that nerve-wrecking thesis, as usual.

Alas, the summer had other plans.

And there I was, thinking it was going to be the best swimming session yet, with almost every student gone. Guess it was, for those who were allowed in.

Anybody left in Wageningen care to join?

At least I had time to get a well-deserved bountiful breakfast at the campus’ AH before starting my work. You know, as a consolation prize. Yet, as I got there, a horrible, inconsiderate message almost laughing right in my face: ‘the store closed down for the summer break, we hope to see you again next academic year’.

Yeah right, don’t hold your breath.

‘On the bright side’, I thought, ‘Lumen’s going to be almost empty, I’ll be able to focus as I rarely do’. Little did I know WUR management capitalises the break by scheduling every construction work over the summer, causing a tasteless, constant racket in which it is almost impossible to concentrate.

Oh screw this! I´m out of here. This disappointed prospect of an empty campus somehow prompted my thirst for a cold beer.

Anybody left in Wageningen care to join?



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