Workplace: 230,000 letters

Michel Heusinkveld looks around and admits that his workplace, the post room in Actio, is a bit sterile. There are a few cards and a newspaper clipping about a colleague on the pinboard, but the rest is all work-related information.
Roelof Kleis

Photo: Margriet van Vianen

Apart from a calendar, the walls are bare. Big blocks of pigeon holes down the middle of the room dominate the scene. There is plenty of light thanks to two big round windows, so that’s something. All post passes through here, to and from the campus as well as internal mail. In figures, over the past year: 230,000 letters, 8100 parcels and 3400 items of courier mail. Heusinkveld, once a student of Agricultural Engineering, started work here as a temp 15 years ago. And never left. He shares his workspace with eight others. Six colleagues keep the records of the ingoing and outgoing post. Heusinkveld and a couple of his colleagues sort and prepare the post for sending. There are plans for the room. ‘I am on a committee of three. We’re going to make it nicer and more functional, and move desks around a bit. At the moment I sit with my back to the door, for instance. That’s got to change.’ But in general he is quite satisfied. ‘You get a nice view here. You can see everyone passing by and there’s a nice view over the campus.

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