Who will be awarded the 2016 Cover Prize? VOTE NOW

The elections for the annual Resource Cover Prize are up again. You can vote for one of the ten nominated covers until the end of the first week of 2017.
Roelof Kleis

This is the eighth edition of the Cover Prize. With this prize for the best PhD thesis cover, Resource aims to draw some attention to a somewhat different aspect of the PhD candidates’ work. Instead of focussing on the content, it is all about its visual representation on the cover of the thesis.

The year 2016 produced a harvest of 296 booklets – a bit less than the record year 2015, which saw the counter cross 300 specimens. This year, four in ten recipients of doctorates were of Dutch origin, the others were all internationals. With 35 PhDs, the Chinese form the largest group of internationals. Out of the 296 PhDs, 57% (168) were women. Last year, the men-to-women ratio was approximately fifty-fifty.

The large share of women is also present in the selection of ten covers that were chosen for the Cover Prize by science information officer Jac Niessen and science editor Roelof Kleis. Out of the ten nominees, seven are ladies. The choices were mainly based on the creativity shown to picture the often-abstract contents of the theses. The general care, the choices of lettering and colour, as well as the overall appearance were important.

However, the large number of international PhDs is not reflected in the nominations. Three nominees are internationals: a Tanzanian, a Thai and an Indonesian. Voting is open until Sunday evening 8 January. The winner will be announced online and in the first printed edition of Resource in 2017.

You can VOTE HERE.

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