Aging fast

Smoking dope makes you age faster, scientists at the University of Western Australia have discovered. Long-term cannabis use affects the arteries, speeding up the aging process. This acceleration can be more than 10 percent. So a confirmed dope smoker of 30 is 33 in biological terms. But this faster deterioration does not give you the…

Present (1)

Women don’t know their partners as well as they think they do. One in three men get birthday present from their partners that are wide of the mark. But the women rarely hear about it: in 60 percent of cases, men keep their disappointment to themselves. Admittedly the source of this finding could be suspect: a survey by tool manufacturer Black+Decker.

Present (2)

Curious what a man does want then? A few examples: a drive in a Ferrari, a barbecue, whisky, concert tickets and – okay then – a drill. And what they definitely don’t want? Yucky aftershave, socks, a set of saucepans or tickets for a musical. Useful information just before the December festivities. Let’s hope Sinterklaas and Father Christmas are reading this.


Researchers at Northwestern University studied the brains of a number of deceased 90-year-olds with exceptional memories. To their surprise, the brains showed signs of dementia, in pathological terms. The search is on to find out how that is possible. With a view to a cure for the devastating effects of dementia.

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