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Blog: One last time

This is my last blog for Resource. I know, I’m very sad too. Over the last year I had a great time putting together every new entry – picking a topic from my environment and sitting down to write it down, usually on Saturday mornings. It was a very special experience, which also made me…
Kristina Simonaityte

As I am preparing to depart, I can’t help but reminisce about all the other times I was leaving places. I even experienced that during this year – and wrote about it too!

One thing I did not mention then was about staying in touch with the place after you left. I mean, you can hold onto great memories, as well as souvenirs and postcards, keep representing while wearing your uni hoodie, continue following the social media channels and so on. But I often wish there was something more, though.

It’s been three years since I graduated from my Bachelor’s. A few days after our graduation I packed up and just left. I’ve only been back to Edinburgh once since then, this past June actually. I know consciously that I am an Edinburgh alumna, but there’s so many other things I would call myself first… Will one day I feel like that about being Wageningen alumna, too?

Of course, leaving the place does not take away all the experiences you had there; it is still your place. But is it wrong to wish some kind of tangible connection with the cities, countries, universities left? I’ve invested all this time learning this place through and through, what I’m to do with all of this now? I realise that sounds silly and ridiculous. I’ve learned so much here, both at university and living in the Netherlands – that will always stay with me, whether I will come back or not.

But still, I don’t want to just leave and not look back. I guess, other people normally have easier time of letting go – this place served its purpose and that’s that. I don’t really know how to do that (maybe I shouldn’t move so much then!) I want to continue feeling a part of Wageningen community, even if I’m not physically here.

Maybe I’m looking at it all wrong. I’ve made some amazing friends here, many for life. We’ll stay in touch and we’ll run into each other while saving the world, and come back for reunions to Wageningen!

I wonder though if any green areas are left on campus by that time, or will it be just one giant building? One Wageningen, ha.

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