Over ten percent more first-years

Almost 1800 Bachelor’s students have enrolled for a degree at Wageningen, 11 percent more than last year. And the number of Master’s students is expected to rise by over 10 percent to nearly 1400. There has been a particularly large increase in the number of students from non-EU countries.
Albert Sikkema

Photo: Sven Menschel

By mid-August, 170 more first-years had registered for a Wageningen Bachelor’s degree than last year. Based on preliminary registrations, Biology will be the largest degree programme with 185 first-years. Management, Economics and Consumer Studies has 178 registrations. The smallest subject, Communication Science, is on the rise with 26 registrations, 10 more than last year.

The number of Master’s students also shows strong growth thanks to international students. According to Ingrid Hijman, head of the Student Services Centre, 718 international students had paid their tuition fees for their Wageningen study this time last year. The equivalent number this year is 884. That puts the increase in this group at more than 20 percent. There is a particularly substantial rise in the number of students from Indonesia.

Henk Vegter of Corporate Education, Research & Innovation is not ruling out the possibility that the number of Bachelor’s students may turn out less in the end as the preliminary registrations include students who have enrolled at more than one university. On the other hand, the numbers registering for AID soared. The introduction week had 2379 participants this year, 15 percent more than last year. These are students who are definitely coming to Wageningen. So the trend is clear: growth of over 10 percent.

The university will only know on 1 October how many new students it actually has this academic year. Last year, there were eventually 1469 new Bachelor’s students and 1253 new Master’s students in Wageningen.

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