Criticism against insect film ‘Bugs’ (with video)

Entomologist Arnold van Huis of Wageningen UR is critical about the new documentary ‘Bugs’. The filmmakers tried to proclaim too much of a moralistic message, according to Van Huis.
Vincent Koperdraat

‘Bugs’ was made by the Scandinavian Nordic Food Lab and is currently screened in Dutch repertory cinemas. In the film the makers visit several continents in search for different ways in which insects are eaten.

Because of the expertise of Arnold van Huis on insects, the film crew asked for his advice, but according to him his criticism was not used.

According to the documentary cultivating insects is not a solution for the global food crisis. Also in the film insects are eaten which are usually not regularly on the menu.

As an example Van Huis mentions a termite queen. In the film this insect is eaten, while usually this does not happen because of the disastrous effects for the whole termite colony.

Criticism against the insect film ‘Bugs’(Dutch video)

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