Fourth nominated Teacher of the Year 2016: Maria Forlenza

The fourth nominee for the annual Teacher of the Year Award is known: university teacher for Immunology and cell biology Maria Forlenza.
Linda van der Nat

Resource surprised Forlenza when she was on her way from her room in Zodiac to an appointment. The nomination was a surprise for the Italian teacher. ‘How nice! I had not expected it, because it took so long.’

Last year was the first time that Forlenza was nominated for the Teacher of the Year Award. Previously she was also on the longlist. ‘It is always an honour, I am really happy with it.’ She praises her group of students, who were really good this year. ‘I have had a really good training, so secretly I was kind of hoping for it.’

The jury of Teacher of the Year calles Maria Forlenza a ‘a passionate teacher with innovating ideas, who thinks that it is boring that universities close at five.’ In the contact with her students she starts off strict and towards the end becomes more friendly.

Last week it was announced that André van Lammeren, Ute Sass-Klaassen and Roel Dijksma are in the race to becoming best teacher of 2016. Soon the last nominee will follow for the Teacher of the Year Award. The winner will be announced on April 21st during the presentation of the education bonuses. The Teacher of the Year Award is an initiative of the University Fund Wageningen.

See how Forlenza reacts to his nomination (Dutch only)

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