Blues pub crawl

What? Blues pub crawl in WageningenWhen? 21 and 22 JanuaryWhere? Lots of pubs in the town centre

‘The Wageningen blues pub crawl is great. All the performances that weekend are free and there is a fantastic atmosphere. There are about 15 bands playing, all with different kinds of blues. A lot of people come from outside Wageningen and there are also a lot, especially young people, who don’t normally go to a pub to hear the blues. Normally I just come as a spectator and go round the pubs with my friends, my wife, and last year with my son. This year, though, I am performing myself with my band Sinner’s Prayer. I want to see as much as I can in between the setting up and the playing. There are two tremendously good bands that evening, like the Twelve Bar Blues Band, which has been declared the best blues band in Holland. Howlin’ Bill from Belgium is very good too. How did I end up getting into the Blues? When I was 12 I heard an LP of Livin’ Blues at a friend’s. I earned some money on a paper round so I went straight out and bought three of their LPs. Years later I met them once, which was really nice.’ Tip from: Bertus Blankenstijn, document supply team leader at the university library

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