News quiz: Rolf did not err with Lolita

The 2011 Resource News Quiz was won by Rolf Heling of Facilities and Services. Actio’s renovation guru didn’t put a foot wrong. Certainly not with Lolita

Hardly surprising: Heling was the person who purchased the Actio furniture named in question 1: the Workbay, Lolita and Cornflake. But he got the other 19 questions right too. As did 19 other competitors. Luck was on Heling’s side and he won the 100 euro voucher for Michelin starred restaurant O Mundo in Wageningen.

The quiz was pretty easy, certainly with the help of the Resource website and a bit of Googling. But not everyone resorted to that. Marjolein Helder and her team (Nanda, Pim and Hans) from Environmental Technology managed without. ‘But with a bit of educated guesswork, as we clearly had not read all the Resources this year’, she says in her email. The result: ten mistakes. Question number 18 proved the hardest: who didn’t listen to Aalt’s advice? The answer was: the president of Mali. He did pay Wageningen a visit this year, but that was not the question. And then there was question 19: Which of the three didn’t: Steven, Pascal, Mark? The three have the same surname: Ten Have. Mark didn’t get into the news this year.

Here are all the answers to the quiz:

  1. Workbay, Lolita, Cornflake. What? a. ## Furniture in Actio

    b. Nicknames for Ellen Marks c. Fitness equipment at the Bongerd Sports Centre

  2. Bed guarantee. Say what? a. Idealis jargon for bed bugs b. Ceres jargon for nutrition dude c. ## WUR jargon for hospitality

  3. Alternative academic year opening at VHL. What was on the T-shirts? a. ## Hans must stay

    b. Ellen must go c. Where is Aalt?

  4. What is this? a. ## EHEC bacterium stuck to an intestinal cell

    b. Foot & mouth virus stuck to a lamb’s kidney cell c. Q fever bacterium stuck to a lung epithelium

  5. Just missed student house of the year status: a. Sunny House Animals (Leeuwarden) b. The House of the Rising Sun (Wageningen) c. ## Animal House Irene (Velp)

  6. ‘This is the most extraordinary gathering of my career.’ Who?

    a. Simon Vink at the awarding of the Golden Gadfly

    b. Maxime Verhagen opening the academic year

    c. ## Martin Kropff at the professors’ cortège past the Binnenhof

  7. Everything of value is vulnerable, according to a Dutch song. Which of these was not stolen?

    a. The Ceres goddess b. ## The exploding chicken

    c. The heifer’s backside

  8. 8,500 kilos: a. Prince Bernhard’s Pole b. The new algae breeding reactor AlgaePARC c. ## The new MRI scanner in Ede

  9. The new meeting place on the campus will be called: a. Propulse b. ## Impulse

    c. Nutripulse

    10 Students in the barracks in Ede want a shuttle bus to campus. Why? a. ## They are afraid of winter weather

b. They are afraid of getting lost c. They are afraid of the busy traffic

  1. Wanted: men. Who? a. Recruitment bureau fears feminization of Wageningen University b. Labour market seeks male students from Animal Management programme in Leeuwarden c. ## Thymos board needs musclemen for heavy lifting

  2. ‘Cacaphony around the village pump’ a. ## Resource on the Wageningen UR livestock report

    b. Ellen Marks on the VHL participational council c. Simon Vink on the commotion about Movie W

  3. Wageningen band that won the LSVb protest song competition: a. The WUR-kaholics b. The Halbe-Zolen

c. ## The Langstudeerders

  1. What Chris Kik looked for in the Caucasus: a. ## Spinach

    b. Endive c. Chicory

    1. Who was right after all? a. ## Joris Driepinter

    b. Walter Willett c. Wakker Dier

    1. A birth was celebrated Dutch-style with beschuit met muisjes: a. ## Imares gets smelt to spawn in the lab

    b. WSO and PSF merge c. 100,000 th carp bred at Zodiac

    1. Apples and pears are the same after all. Why? a. Apples and pears give protection against cardiovascular disease b. Apples and pears give protection against high blood pressure c. ## Apples and pears give protection against stroke

    2. Didn’t listen to Aalt’s advice: a. The governor of Fujian b. The prime minister of Malaysia c. ## The president of Mali

    19 Which of the three didn’t: Steven, Pascal, Mark? a. ## Mark

b. Pascal c. Steven

20 Twice as many in Wageningen as in Rotterdam. What? a. ## Number of bike thefts per thousand residents

b. Number of scientific articles per thousand academics c. Number of teachers per thousand students

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