Microbiologists are building bacteria that convert CO2 into food

‘As is you replace the heart of a mosquito with that of an elephant.’

Bacteria reclaim metal from waste

Microbiologist Martijn Diender is fighting waste streams with bacteria.
Kantine in Orion

Three WUR-research grants for protein transition

The winners: Protein from bacteria, plant-based snacks in cafeterias and safe meat…

Bacteria killed porpoises

The animals that landed on the Wadden last summer were likely suffering…

Insect larvae are just as healthy as soya in animal feed

The black soldier fly may substitute soya as a source of protein…

ERC grant for Daan Swarts and Marnix Medema

Wageningen researchers to receive 1.5 million euro funding each for their research.

Software speeds up search for new antibiotics

WUR researcher Marnix Medema and colleagues have developed software that hugely speeds…

Results human pilot trial ‘slimming bacterium’ look promising

Willem de Vos, Distinguished Professor of Microbiology at Wageningen University and Research,…