Key people: Martijn Harkink

'This cow - Betje 316 - has given 100,000 litres of milk in her lifetime'

Column: Vertebrate bias

Spineless animals are ignored, while these species are crucial to our ecosystems.

A Little Wiser – Do animals prefer left or right?

We all know people are left-handed or right-handed, but does that apply…

Indulgent owner often has overweight dog

As is the case with children, the way dogs are raised plays…

Mucous membrane in gills keeps fish healthy

Fish excrete in the same water from which they obtain their oxygen.…

Studying poop for golden dog food

PhD student Evelien Bos (24) is working with dogs and their owners…

‘Animal Protection poses good principles for food system’

The Animal Protection Foundation’s delta plan for Animal Husbandry is a good…

First lure, then kill: beating the malaria mosquito

PhD candidate Victor Mwingira has discovered a new method of combatting the…

Better pens mean ‘better’ pigs

Pigs that grow up in an enriched environment – a bigger pen…

The Animal Ambulance

Typical Dutch
I sometimes get the impression that the Dutch health service cuts a…