This is how the fungus hurts the spud

Phytophthora cuts through the leaf like a Japanese knife.
Kennisveiligheid vergt extra toezicht, vindt de Tweede Kamer.

Knowledge security: increased focus on risks, no ‘ban on Chinese’

The House of Representatives calls for more detailed risk analyses but rejects…
Kippen vogelgriep

Bioveterinary Research to start vaccine tests for bird flu

Continued infections increase the demand for an effective vaccine.

Column Ilja: A mouse at the vet

A sunflower and a column in loving memory of mouse Willemien.
Tidal Wadden

Second letter about gas drilling

Scientists warn about the risks of gas extraction under the Wadden Sea.
duurzame verpakking

Sustainable packaging can sell itself

'There is a lot of greenwashing on food packaging, which makes consumers…

Thale cress often has a lodger

Model plant Arabidopsis often has a yet unknown virus.

Test to identify milk scam

Antibodies in milk reveal whether a farmer has used growth hormones.
Steven Snijders

Column Steven: Too airy a vacation?

Vacationing in Vietnam with baggage from the past. And a strong back.
Douwe de Jong en

King’s Speech? Tech speech!

4TU students will share the new Tech Speech next week. Douwe de…