The polar proteins can be seen in the corners and along the edges of the cells in this plant embryo. Photo: WUR Biochemistry.

Secret of plants’ sense of direction

How does a plant cell know what its top, bottom and sides are? That has long been a mystery. Now researchers in the Biochemistry chair…

‘The fishing method of the future’. Five questions on the ban on pulse fishing

In the next months, a final decision will be made about a…
In PhD researcher Marije van Doorn-van Atten’s study, elderly people received advice on diet and exercise via a TV channel.

Dietary advice via TV helps the elderly

More than one in three Dutch seniors who receive home care are…
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Getting credits for going to the gym

Doing a PhD can be quite stressful and sports could help alleviate…

Translating products’ sustainability to price

How sustainable is one food product relative to another? Wageningen researchers are…

The power of the unknown

Jorge Ricardo Cunha deliberately chose to do his PhD abroad rather than…

Insurance covers WUR lifestyle measure

As of 1 January 2019, the basic health insurance covers the combined…

Detecting mussel toxins without lab animals

Biotoxins in oysters and mussels can make you very sick, which is…

‘Fishing in protected areas not necessarily harmful’

‘North Sea fishermen often drag their nets through protected areas’ Is that…

Fido is bad for the environment

Perhaps you are cutting down on meat and cycling a bit more…