YOU on campus – ‘I realized I wanted to do something meaningful’

It’s a stormy day. Ignacio Auger (25) is sitting outside the Forum building. His back against the wall, listening to music and cigarette in hand.

Meanwhile in… Zimbabwe

Recent hikes in fuel prices have sparked large-scale protests and strikes, as…
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RSI… So then what?

Clarity and recovery in five steps

More freedom for the staff?

The Executive Board wants to change the corporate culture in WUR. Leaders…

Wadden Sea: more seals, fewer fish

Wageningen Marine Research counts have revealed that the population of harbour seals…

Cure for the winter blues

January is not blogger Angelo Braam’s favourite month. But this year he…

Blog: When we have snow in Italy, it feels like the apocalypse

Yes, blogger Donatella Gasparro knows snow. But in the very south of…

How ‘circular’ are you?

The circular economy is all the rage, but what is it exactly?…

Unmoved by music

Typical Dutch
I have been living in Wageningen for almost three years, and I…

Visiting coffee farmers

Who? Max Steenbrink (22), BSc student of International Land and Water Management…